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Need for Seeds Cambodia

Need For Seeds is a not-for-profit that provides relief to poverty-stricken Cambodians, through the sale of custom greeting cards, wrapping paper, business cards and more.


Each product is made from a seeded biodegradable material. Users are able to soak their product in water and plant it in the soil, from which a beautiful flower will bloom.

Moreover, every product purchased funds the donation of a pack of vegetable seeds to Cambodian families - as agriculture is the lifeblood of Cambodian people, Need for Seeds provides them with the tools for success in a culturally concious manner. 

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- Idea Generation

- Branding

- Illustration

- Creative Direction

Need for Seeds Website

The Need for Seeds online store ships worldwide and has a Design-Builder where users can upload their own designs to the range of paper products. 


There is also a Donation page where users can contribute extra money in a one-off donation or add a few extra dollars to their order which goes directly to Cambodians who are struggling with poverty and hunger. 

The sale of Need for seeds products deals with issues of land limitations by donating to Cambodian families vertical planters to house their seeds in a space-saving manner.


Hunger and poverty and the need for agriculture are addressed by the donation of vegetable seeds to Cambodian families, which once harvested can not only feed them but also be sold for much-needed income. 


Building a sense of community was very important and all the seeds donated are purchased first from local Cambodian retailers, giving back to the local economy. 




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